fachwerk houses
Based on German technologies in 25 days
What the fachwerk is
German technologies
The fachwerk technology was invented back in the 10th century, and has only been improved since then. Its essence is in the frame cells, which are filled with insulation and double–glazed windows. The thoughtful design withstands all weather conditions. The houses are warm, ergonomic and elegant.

To date, this is the only technology that allows you to implement modern architectural solutions with frameless glazing in the entire wall.
1000 years of impeccable service!
Take a look from the inside
Monolithic reinforced concrete slab. The most reliable and practical type of foundation. High load–bearing capacity is the main advantage of this type of construction. Due to the large area of support, the foundation is able to ensure the stability of even a very heavy structure on weak and heaving soils.
Wall kit
The basis of the frame is beams made of glued beams. The humidity level across the entire section is no more than 12%, so that the shrinkage is less than 1%. In comparison with solid wood, the advantages are as follows: fungal and insect damage is completely excluded, 100% geometric shape stability, no deformation when temperatures change, the highest strength (special laying of lamellae has annual rings in different directions, which eliminates cracks)
Observing European traditions, already in the basic configuration we offer cement-sand roof Braas (Germany). this is 100 years of service, as well as: environmental friendliness, excellent heat and noise insulation, a high degree of frost resistance. The material is not subject to corrosion and fungal lesions. Insulation of the roof of at least 250 mm will not allow heat to go outside the house, and in summer it will keep cool.
Guardian low–emission glass is used - American technologies guard your comfort. The material is completely protected from harmful UV using StopSol technology, gives excellent visibility, excellent noise and thermal insulation. The double-glazed window is filled with argon, which provides additional protection from the cold. Your home will remain cozy even in severe frosts.
Exterior finishing
It's just beautiful and practical. The half-timbered technology allows you to immediately erect an aesthetic structure. No investment in the exterior finish. The architecture fully meets modern design requirements, due to the considerable area of glazing, the exterior turns out to be airy, refined.
Interior decoration
The half–timbered technology is a great opportunity to organize a comfortable loft or aesthetic minimalism without serious investments in a design project. The beam can be painted in absolutely any shade, and the glass itself is exquisite and does not require additional finishing. German style – maximum convenience in small things. The interior creates the very peace of mind that should prevail in your own home.
Our projects
Area - 244 sq.m.
The cost is 120,000,00 USD
Area - 329 sq.m.
The cost is 220,000,00 USD
Area - 378 sq.m.
The cost is 245,000,00 USD
Area - 296 sq.m.
The cost is 180,000,00 USD
Area - 257 sq.m.
The cost is 135,000,00 USD
Area - 191 sq.m.
The cost is 122,000,00 USD
Area - 410 sq.m.
The cost is 245,000,00 USD
Area - 127 sq.m.
The cost is 120,000,00 USD
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